The Best 5 Road Trips in the US

The Best 5 Road Trips in the US

The Best 5 Road Trips in the US

Everyone should go on a road trip at least once in their lifetime. These road trips are not only fun, but they are educational as well, teaching you a lot about your country and its beautiful offerings. Here are the top five road trips in your country that you can simply not miss out on:

1. The Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) stretches from southern California all the way to Washington, and runs along the beautiful Pacific Ocean. This means that your drive will mostly consist of the great ocean view. You will get to see a lot of state parks and cute beach towns on the way. There are a lot of other places that will come along the way such a Malibu, where you can watch the surfers surfing through the ocean, Santa Barbara, where you can see the whales, and the amazing landscape and scenic beauty of Big Sur. On this California route 1, you can enjoy spectacular views no matter which side of your car you are sitting on. On one side, you will get to witness humongous redwoods, while on the other side you will be welcomed by rocky beaches.

2. The Famous Route 66

route66For those of you who have not yet had a chance to travel on Route 66, you simply cannot miss this. It dates as far as the 1920s and is often referred to as the Mother Road or the Historic Route. Although no longer considered as the country’s official highway anymore, the route still has its value. It stretches from Chicago all the way to LA after passing through eight states. Many of the couples and road junkies are seen posing next to road signs on the route while on their trip, as they feel the Old West come to life. Arizona has even preserved sections from the original route which you will also get to see if you travel on it.

3. The Blue Ridge Parkway

The Blue Ridge Parkway is also known as America’s favorite drive, and runs from the Shenandoah National Park all the way to the Smoky Mountains situated in North Carolina. The drive will be a very scenic experience where you might also run into deer and black bears. You will get to see beautiful mountains and lush forests along the way, which will also give you plenty of camping and hiking opportunities. The drive will be consisting of no traffic lights, billboards, or trash, thus giving you the opportunity to experience the best experience that nature can give you.

4. The Overseas Highway

The Overseas Highway is the southern portion of route 1, and is considered to be a great route for a memorable road trip. On this route, you will be welcomed by the open ocean and you will get the opportunity to pass through a lot of islands situated within the Florida Keys. You will also get to see the very famous Seven Mille Bridge. Take some time out to snorkel in the Key Largo and also go to one of the many beaches that you will pass along the way. The entire purpose of a road trip is you view all the amazing sites possible and stop as much as possible to do so.

5. Volcano Highway

The Volcano Highway, situated in Hawaii, is a must-do road trip. It will show you around the island’s various unique features, particularly the volcano Kilauea which is still active. The ring road circles the Hawaiian Islands and will take you through verdant valleys, lava deserts, and coffee plantations. You can also indulge in horse riding and kayaking. There are also various trekking opportunities on the island, especially the ones to the secret waterfalls. Sunsets and the nighttime are particularly attractive in the region, giving you the opportunity to see a sky full of stars.

Road trips can simply leave you speechless because of so much beauty and amazing attractions that you get to see along the way. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, pick one out of these five road trips, and be on your way!